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What Causes Hemorrhoids – 5 Causes That Triggers Hemorrhoids to Swell

In our daily activities, we are unaware of the things that might trigger hemorrhoids to swell. We do not know that even our simple movements affect it. And worst, we do not know we have hemorrhoids until we see and feel the symptoms. Hemorrhoids are common to many people especially those who are prone to constipation, pregnant women, and those who have liver cancer. These patients may not be aware that they have a hemorrhoid that’s why […]

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Hemorrhoids Treatment – Finding the Right Treatment for You

Hemorrhoids can be prevented when you don’t have it yet and likewise can be treated when it’s already in your system. There are different treatments and precautionary measure in order to prevent and cure the hemorrhoid. When you are prone to constipation, it follows that you are more likely to have haemorrhoid formation in the anal area. So in order to avoid this awful condition, it is best if you consider changing your diet and lifestyle. The […]

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What do You Know About Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are masses or clumps of tissue within the anal canal that are made up off blood vessels and supporting tissue, which is made up of muscle and elastic fibers.  The anal canal is the last four centimeters that stool passes from the rectum. Even though people assume that hemorrhoids are abnormal, everyone has them. It is only when they become enlarged are they considered abnormal or a disease. Only about four percent of the public experience […]

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